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For those considering working with CLBL, here's my story: In high school I took AP Environmental Science. It was through...

Posted by Mariah Freitas on Sunday, November 15, 2015

  • Jaquay Butler
    Alumnus, 2009-2010 Sacramento Valley FARMS Leadership Program, Grant High School
    2007-2008 Sacramento Valley SLEWS Program, Grant High School
    2010 GreenCorps Program
    Sonoma State University, one year studying in Jaen, Spain
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  • Mai Yang Vang
    Alumnus, 2001-2003 Sacramento Valley SLEWS and FARMS Program, Sacramento High School Alumnus, June 2003, University of San Francisco Alumnus, June 2008
    Center for Land-Based Learning Board Member, 2013-2015 Term (Current)
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  • Stephen Daly
    Alumnus, 2004-2005 FARMS Leadership Program
    Cal Poly Pomona studying Agricultural Education
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  • Juliana Mazzera
    Alumnus, 2006-2007 San Joaquin SLEWS Program, Bear Creek High School (Stockton)
    University of California, Santa Barbara (Current)
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  • Ryan Loney
    Alumnus, 2005-2006 Sacramento Valley SLEWS Program, Rodriguez High School
    University of California, Davis
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  • Debbie Pattison
    Alumnus, 2005-2006 SLEWS Program, DaVinci High School (Davis)
    University of California, Berkeley (Conservation and Resource Studies) 2011
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