Alumni Profiles

Ryan Loney, SLEWS Program Alumni

Ryan Loney

University of California, Davis
Alumnus, 2005-2006 Sacramento Valley SLEWS Program, Rodriguez High School

My participation in the SLEWS program was a wonderful experience that helped me not only decide what I would like to study in college, but what I would like to do in life. SLEWS allowed me to pursue my passion for the environment and science outside of the classroom in a meaningful and productive way.

Coming from an agricultural family, working with a shovel and dirt meant doing a chore. The experience I had with SLEWS was not by any means a chore, but a learning experience that took me outside of the classroom with knowledgeable mentors who wanted to help me and my classmates restore habitat in our backyard.

Working with SLEWS allowed me to be a part of the change that I want to see in the world, instead of just reading about it in a textbook. My participation in SLEWS has inspired me to take part in SEED (Students for Environmental Science at Davis), which is an internship program at UC Davis, where I am currently an undergraduate studying Environmental Science and Policy. After interning with the program last year I decided to accept an offer to coordinate the internship program until I graduate. We currently work with hundreds of elementary school students every year and introduce important environmental education topics into their curriculum. I would highly recommend SLEWS to both teachers and students, as it is a very fun and educational experience!