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 Board Member Mark Linder

Mark Linder

Mark Linder has dedicated over 30 years to serving California and American Agriculture. He is widely recognized as the first president and co-founder of the Agriculture in the Classroom program which he helped to establish, first in California, then throughout the United States and across the globe during his 23 years with the California Farm Bureau. Mark is a co-founder and served as president of Food, Land & People, an educational organization representing diverse sectors of society with the common interest of positive dialogue focused on the interdependence of food production, environmental quality and the sustainability of human cultures.

Raised on a 5th generation family farm in Iowa, Mark is a graduate of Iowa State University, a fellow of the California Agricultural Leadership Program and an Agricultural Fellow of the John J. McCloy Fellows Program to Germany. Mark is recognized for his leadership in creating strategic partnerships and as a pioneer in educating urban sectors with the values of the agricultural perspective. He is currently the U. S. Agriculture Liaison for The Culinary Institute of America and is a consultant to CreAgri, Inc., Advanced Microbial Solutions, Innovative Growers, America's Heartland television show on PBS and various other food and agricultural related businesses.

Mark has been a member for many years on the California State Fair's Agricultural Advisory Committee and actively serves on the boards of the Center for Land-Based Learning, California Institute of Food & Agricultural Research and the UC Davis Olive Center. He presently serves as president of his family's farming operation in Iowa and is a founding partner of Community Minded Partners, Remember Your Hometown and Culinary One Investments. Mark has a deep love for agriculture and has focused his career on the promotion of rural/urban connections.