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Land-Based Learning Board Member Chris Yalonis

Chris Yalonis


Chris Yalonis is a market intelligence and sustainability field executive with 25 years in market strategy consulting, Web based market intelligence, software development and marketing, sustainability performance/best practices, and publishing. Chris teaches classes at Sonoma State University in the areas of sustainable enterprise leadership, starting a green business, business plan development, and marketing strategy. He is founder of the consultancy Sustainametrics, which advises cities, corporations and colleges on how to green their operations and products/services for higher profitability and market performance.

Chris' expertise is in strategic planning, stakeholder dialogue and engagement, and measuring sustainability performance. Since 2001, he has led Communique Partners, a web based market intelligence and sustainability metrics consultancy. He and his teams have advised a wide range of clients on emerging green markets, testing new products and marketing mix strategy, managing risk and enhancing profits in the new carbon constrained economy, redesigning products and services to be more attractive to customers and less environmentally impactful.

Public sector clients have included the Cities of Denver, Tucson, Napa, San Francisco, San Rafael, Chicago, as well as corporate clients Clorox, Cisco, Motorola, CNBC, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

He has held executive roles with MarketTools (Chief Research Officer), a leading technology and solutions provider of Customer Insight Management solutions, and as VP of Global Consulting at International Data Corporation, a leading technology analyst and strategy consultancy. He has been on the founding teams or the early stage management teams of 6 companies, one of which was software firm Autodesk, #1 on the INC 500 list at the time, pre-IPO.

Teaching/Academic Experience

Chris has guest taught and held faculty positions at a variety of business forums and university settings including Indiana University, Miami University, the Presidio Graduate School, Columbia College, Sonoma State. He is on the faculty of Canada College in Silicon Valley, where he teaches at the intersection of entrepreneurship and sustainability. In 2012, he co-developed a 24 week online course on Sustainable Innovation in Businesses. This University of Vermont Master’s certificate level course is comprised of 180 online videos each 15 minutes in length, with built in resource links and assessments. Chris’ courses cover a wide range of sustainability principles and tools, as well as best practices in renewable energy and energy efficiency, waste, non fossil fuel alternative transportation solutions, water efficiency and minimization, building performance, green product design, marketing and management, cradle to cradle methods, biomimicry, LCA, carbon management, green supply chains, stakeholder engagement and behavior change, metrics and reporting.

Chris is the author of 7 books on planning, product design, sustainability, over 30 white papers, and 50 published studies on technology marketing, green markets, business planning, Web-based market and customer intelligence systems.