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Center for Land-Based Learning
5265 Putah Creek Road
Winters, CA
Phone: work(530) 795-1520
Fax: fax(530) 795-4687

West Sacramento Office at Park Moderns
Center for Land-Based Learning
400 Garden Street #108
West Sacramento, CA
Phone: work(916) 572-0073

Davis Cannery Farm
Center for Land-Based Learning
1550 Cannery Avenue
Davis, CA

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Main Office -work (530) 795-1520
Office Operations and Management, Rachel Sprinkle-Strong -work (530) 795-1520
Development, Media and Communications, Christine McMorrow -work (530) 795-1520
Davis Cannery Farm, Nicodemus Ford -work (510) 316-2525
SLEWS Program and SLEWS Academy, Matt Lechmaier -work (530) 795-1544
FARMS Leadership Program, Stephanie Etcheverria -work (530) 795-1544
Farm on Putah Creek Tours, Field Trips, Girl Scout Sessions & Farm Visits
Julia Michaels -work (510) 551-5786
California Farm Academy, Sri Sethuratnam -work (530) 795-4146
California Farm Academy Training Program, Maureen Thompson -work (530) 795-4146
West Sacramento Urban Farm Program, Sara Bernal - work (530) 383-2019
Web and Social Media Content, Jen Allen - work (530) 795-1520
Accounts Payable and Billing Inquiries, Lisa Kain - work (530) 795-1520
FAX: fax (530) 795-4687

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Directions to the Center for Land-Based Learning Office

Directions from the Sacramento Area

  • Take I-80 West toward SAN FRANCISCO.
  • Take the PEDRICK RD/SIEVERS RD exit (this exit is approximately half-way between Davis and Dixon). (0.29 miles)
  • At the stop sign, turn SLIGHT LEFT onto SIEVERS RD/CR-436 (you will pass the famous "Pedrick Road Produce" on your left). (2.75 miles)
  • Turn RIGHT onto STEVENSON BRIDGE RD. (2.84 miles)
  • Turn LEFT onto PUTAH CREEK RD. (3.78 miles)

Directions from the Bay Area

  • Take I-80 E toward SACRAMENTO.
  • Merge onto I-505 N toward WINTERS/REDDING. (10.77 miles)
  • Take the exit toward PUTAH CREEK ROAD. (0.15 miles)
  • Turn LEFT onto GADDINI RD. (0.21 miles)
  • Turn RIGHT onto PUTAH CREEK RD. (2.28 miles)

Directions from Woodland

  • Start out going East on COURT ST toward 2ND ST. (0.37 miles)
  • Turn RIGHT onto EAST ST. (0.09 miles)
  • Turn LEFT onto E MAIN ST. (0.67 miles)
  • Merge onto CA-113 S toward DAVIS. (7.87 miles)
  • Take the COVELL BLVD exit toward ROAD 31. (0.31 miles)
  • Turn RIGHT onto W COVELL BLVD. (1.85 miles)
  • W COVELL BLVD becomes CR-31/CR-E6. (3.01 miles)
  • Turn LEFT onto CR-95. (0.86 miles)
  • Turn LEFT onto RUSSELL BLVD. (0.19 miles)
  • Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto CR-95A. (0.81 miles)
  • CR-95A becomes STEVENSON BRIDGE RD. (0.54 miles)
  • Turn RIGHT onto PUTAH CREEK RD. (3.78 miles)