Farm on Putah Creek

About us

The Farm on Putah Creek is more than the headquarters for the Center for Land-Based Learning. With 40 acres of prime farmland on Putah Creek in Winters, California, the Farm on Putah Creek (FPC) is where we practice the principles underlying all of our education programs, and the home of the California Farm Academy.

The Land-Based Learning headquarters is housed in a 1920's farmhouse on Putah Creek Road, 3.5 miles east of downtown Winters. The converted farmhouse & its unattached annex, offers beautiful grounds & office space, where ten on-site and five off-site employees drive six programs.

Farm Visits

The Farm on Putah Creek hosts visitors of all ages and backgrounds interested in seeing real-world applications of the principles underlying its wildlife-friendly agricultural and conservation practices. This includes riparian buffer strips and upland restoration, insectary hedgerows--including native pollinatory habitat--and native windbreaks. There are a variety of activities and events that occur year-round.

Programs on-site include:

For more information on the Farm on Putah Creek, contact Julia Michaels, (530) 795-1520.