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Job Opportunities at Land-Based Learning

  • SLEWS Program Coordinator
    Winters, CA

    The SLEWS (Student and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship) Program engages California high school students and teachers in meaningful environmental stewardship that allows students to practice scientific skills, learn from natural resource professionals, and expand on classroom concepts, while accomplishing real habitat restoration projects on farms, ranches and open spaces. We strive to provide meaningful educational experiences while achieving the most effective ecological impact on the land. The coordinator must therefore have a strong background in, and passion for, experiential education, habitat restoration and program coordination.

    Job Responsibilities:
    • Working with partners to select, develop and plan restoration projects for SLEWS Program field days.
    • Recruiting student participants through school presentations, and coordinating student selection with teachers.
    • Ensuring that School Agreements and student participant paperwork are completed and on file with the Program Director.
    • Coordinating and leading approximately 27 student field days per year.
    • Recruiting and training up to 60 partners and volunteers to serve as mentors for student field days.
    • Handling all logistics for student field days including ordering food, bringing tools, providing educational materials as well as coordinating with partners, teachers and mentors.
    • Communicating regularly with participating students, teachers, partners and mentors about ongoing program activities.
    • Developing and maintaining effective organizational systems for SLEWS Program supplies, equipment and paperwork.
    • Uploading and organizing SLEWS online field day reports, photos, and video.
    • Creating outreach materials such as PowerPoint presentations, posters, slideshows and the SLEWS video.
    • Working with local media to publicize SLEWS program activities.
    • Helping to raise funds and secure donations for SLEWS Program activities.
    • Supporting teachers in developing and implementing classroom curricula to complement field day activities.
    • Speaking on behalf of the SLEWS Program and CLBL at conferences and workshops.
    • Helping to plan and implement CLBL events.

    This is a 40 hour/week non-exempt position. Occasional evenings and weekends will be necessary.

    How to Apply
    Direct inquiries, cover letter and resume to:
    Matt Lechmaier, SLEWS Program Director,
    Open until the position is filled.

    More information about SLEWS and all Center for Land-Based Learning programs can be found on our website:

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  • Job Opportunities at Land-Based Learning

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