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The Student and Landowner Education and Watershed Stewardship (SLEWS) Program engages California high school students and teachers in meaningful environmental stewardship that allows students to practice scientific skills, learn from natural resource professionals, and expand on classroom concepts, while accomplishing real habitat restoration projects on farms, ranches and open spaces.

SLEWS helped me develop an undeniable passion for the environment, sustainable farming and conservation.
SLEWS Program Alumna

Our SLEWS Program is highlighted in this excerpt from the public television documentary Becoming California about environmental change on America's western edge.


Real habitat projects provide exciting opportunities to explore science concepts and examine current issues. Through hands-on activities such as water quality and bird box monitoring, students develop science and inquiry skills needed for lifelong learning. In-class lessons connect the SLEWS field experience back to the classroom while addressing state science standards.


Because we partner with restoration professionals from public agencies, local watershed groups and nonprofit organizations, SLEWS projects have a real and lasting impact on the land. Most importantly, the students take their work seriously because they see the results of their efforts and know they are making a difference. By including students in habitat restoration, SLEWS addresses the needs for healthier land and more wildlife habitat, and the need to instill conservation and stewardship values in high school students.

College & Careers

SLEWS is as much about building community as it is building wildlife habitat. Making connections for students to college majors and careers in natural resources and agriculture is a key component of the program. SLEWS staff recruit and train volunteers who mentor students throughout their SLEWS year. Professionals from non-profits, public agencies, and universities also participate as mentors.

SLEWS Program Infographic [pdf]

SLEWS Program students on a field day SLEWS Program completing restoration project

SLEWS Program
Each Year:

12 High Schools

17 Community Partners

34 SLEWS Field Days

67 Volunteer Mentors

300 High School Students

4,600 Contact Hours with Students

5,000 Native Trees, shrubs, and forbs planted

23,000 Native grasses, sedges and rushes planted

SLEWS Academy students at a farm field day