SLEWS Habitat Restoration

Environmental Science

SLEWS Habitat Restoration

There are seven units, each with multiple lessons and labs, developed in collaboration with SLEWS teachers and UC Davis graduate students in Ecology. Our lead teacher/writer was Jerry Delsol of Woodland HS. Financial support came from the US National Science Foundation IGERT program, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Nature Restoration Trust, and the Yocha Dehe Community Fund.

To access the downloads page, please fill out this survey. The files will download as .zip files. (Windows: right-click on the icon and choose "Extract All".) The folder extracted will include a PDF of the unit, handouts, PowerPoint presentations and other media.

SLEWS Habitat Restoration
Riparian Habitat

Biomes and Habitat

  • Basic Ecosystem Units
  • Biotic and Abiotic Factors
  • Trophic Levels
  • Community Interactions
  • Limiting Factors
  • Biomes
  • California Biomes Lesson/Lab

SLEWS Habitat Restoration
Students Sampling from Putah Creek

Water Quality

  • Watershed Hydrology
  • Water Pollutants
  • Sedimentation
  • Monitoring Measurements
  • Benefits of Vegetative Restoration
  • Monitoring Protocols Lesson/Labs

Energy Flow Game

Energy Flow

  • Energy Defined
  • Laws of Thermodyanmics
  • Respiration and Photosynthesis
  • Trophic Levels Explained
  • Ecosystem Energy Flow

1910 Agriculture

Environmental History

  • What is environmental history?
  • Why do changes in the land matter?
  • Major human disturbances in central Californian environmental history
  • Agriculture
  • Hydrology
  • Invasive species
  • Environmental History Activity
  • Invasive Species Profiles
  • Time Capsule and Student Presentations

Wolf and Moose Community Interactions

Community Interaction

  • Biotic Potential and Environmental Resistance
  • Limiting Factors
  • Importance of Diversity
  • Competition
  • Succession

Predator-Prey Activity

Population Ecology

  • What is a population and how they grow?
  • Equilibrium
  • Disturbance
  • How do invasive species populations grow?
  • Invasive Species and their New Ecosystem
  • Population Ecology Lesson/Lab

Community from "Wolves on Isle Royale"

Community Ecology

  • Community Ecology Basics
  • Changes in Communities
  • Community Ecology and Restoration
  • Management Plans
  • Part I: Site Visit to a Non Invaded Community
  • Part II: Pre-Restoration Site Visit to a Typical Invaded Central Valley Community
  • Part III: Post-Restoration Site Visit
  • Part IV: Management Plan