West Sacramento Urban Farm

About us

The West Sacramento Urban Farm Program works in partnership with the City of West Sacramento to convert vacant lots owned both publicly and privately into urban farm incubators. There is an abundance of vacant lots in West Sacramento which contribute to a sense of blight and insecurity. Much of West Sacramento is also a food desert where access to fresh fruits and vegetables is incredibly limited. The West Sacramento Urban Farm Program significantly increases the resiliency of the City by providing safe productive environments that also meet one of its residents greatest needs, fresh food.

The West Sacramento Urban Farm Program provides space, infrastructure and a supportive boost to small scale farmers looking to get started in an urban environment. We have a Farmer waitlist composed of both graduates of The CA Farm Academy as well as local residents with proven farming skills.

The largest barriers to beginning farmers being successful are:

  1. access to land, and
  2. access to capital.

The West Sacramento Urban Farm program is able to procure many acres of land in West Sacramento, via leases, at very low cost. This helps to solve the first challenge of land access. With respect to the second challenge, access to credit, The Urban Farm Program helps to support these budding farms by lowering their cost of operations. Via a Tool Lending Library and by fundraising, grant writing and building strong relationships with donors the West Sacramento Urban Farm Program significantly reduces the cost of operations.

Not only do these Urban Farm Incubators grow thousands of pounds of food per month, they donate to Food Banks and sell to residents of Food Deserts at below market pricing. The Urban Ag Program is also supporting a Farm Stand site where farmers in the program can sell together with pre-built farm stalls to display their produce. The Program is still in its first year and has received tremendous support from all levels of the local and business community.

For more information on the West Sacramento Urban Farms, contact Sara Bernal, (530) 383-2019.

Map by Alix Ogilvie 5th & C produce at market Farm Manager Sara Bernal West Sacramento's first urban farm