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West Sacramento Urban Farm

Cummins Way Farm

The West Sacramento Urban Farm Program has been managing its Cummins Way Farm Site since 2015. It is located at the corner of Cummins Way and Douglas Street, directly across the street from Elkhorn Elementary School. The second of five current farm sites throughout the City of West Sacramento, the Cummins Way Farm Site was home to Root Cause Farm, owned and operated by Farmer Aimee Sisson. This property, owned by West Sacramento Housing Development Corporation (WSHDC) is one of our favorite locations. However it has one major challenge, Bermuda Grass. Bermuda Grass is an incredibly invasive grass that chokes out all other plant life and can grow under sidewalks, through cracks in the ground, and reproduce if broken into little pieces. It is the hydra monster of all weeds and has presented itself as a true barrier to success for any vegetable farmer, as it out-competes the crops trying to grow.

In order to turn the tables on this noxious weed, the West Sacramento Urban Farm Program will be spending the entire 2017 season eradicating this grass. You will not see a functional farm at the Cummins Way Farm Site in 2017, but rest assured major efforts are being made to secure this site for farming in 2018. The area will be cordoned off to keep community members safe, as the only way to get rid of this grass involves spraying it with herbicide in the spring followed by several rounds of shallow tilling in the summer.

We are happy to answer any questions about our activities at Cummins this year. Please contact California Farm Academy Director, Sri Sethuratnum at with questions or concerns.

For more information on the West Sacramento Urban Farms, contact Sara Bernal.