Hartnell College – Alisal Campus

FARMS Leadership | Monterey and Santa Cruz | January 24, 2019

Participating Schools:

  • Gonzales High School
  • North Salinas High School
  • Soledad High School
  • Watsonville High School


Hartnell College Alisal Campus

1752 E. Alisal Street, Salinas, CA 93905

Field Day Host(s) and Mentors:

  • Anely Meneses – Field Day Planning Support
  • Melissa Casillas, Director of Career Training
  • Belen Gonzales – Coordinator of job and internship placement
  • Dr. Emily Rustad – Plant Science Instructor
  • Michael Davis – Welding Instructor
  • Fabiola & Sam – MakerSpace

Summary of the Day:

We arrived at the beautiful Alisal Campus promptly at 9 am. Students began the day by talking about their plans after high school and where they see themselves in 1 year and in 5 years.

“[I would like to] go to a 2-year college then transfer. [I want to] play basketball and  have a good job. Or I will go straight into a 4-year college”- Janet Arias, WHS

“ In one year I hope to be redeeming a scholarship to a four year college.” – Randy Huynh, NSH

“ I will attend Hartnelll College. I see myself with my degree and working my career.” – Vicky Aceves, GHS

Surprisingly, all students want to go to a community college or university after high school. Melissa Casillas was excited to share other opportunities that students should consider as options of or them after high school. We had a surprise appearance by Dean Clint Cowden who gave a compelling speech on the importance of being hardworking and reliable because employers want employees that have well developed soft skills to complement their technical skills or hard skills. From there, students got to stretch their legs as we toured the Alisal campus with Belen Gonzales. We finished the tour and students sat through a college level lecture and lab. The topic was Plant Science and it was delivered by Dr. Emily Rustard. Students extracted chlorophyll from spinach and had a blast working in teams.

After lunch was the most impactful activities that allowed students to get their hands dirty try a new skill and re-evaluate their career choices. We split into 2 teams where some went to do some 3D Printing in the Makerspace with Faviola and Sam. The other half of the students went to learn how to weld with Micheal Davis. The day ended with a quick discussion and group photos.

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