Mushrooms in Monterey

Harvesting at Monterey Mushroom

FARMS Leadership | Monterey and Santa Cruz | January 31, 2020

Location(s) of Field Day:
Monterey Mushroom, 77 Maher Rd, Watsonville Ca, 95076

Participating Schools:
Soquel High School
Gonzalez High School

Field Day Hosts and Mentors:
Maritza Acevedo – Quality Assurance Supervisor
Matt Fuller – Quality Assurance Manager

Summary of the Day: 

Monterey Mushroom is a nationally recognized brand for fresh delicious mushrooms. We were so excited to see mushroom production packing and distribution on this scale. The field day began with a mushroom 101 lesson given by Matt Fuller the Quality Assurance Manager. The main event was the tour of the Monterey Mushroom Facility. The facility itself operates like a little city with some staff living on site. Despite the large size of the facility and the huge numbers of employees, Monterey Mushroom has a fantastic company culture where employees are well appreciated and love what they do. They even told us themselves. We met staff members in the mechanical department that have been working there for decades fixing the machines and vehicles that support the large operation. After students were able to see the mushroom operation from the substrate to harvest, students were able to harvest mushrooms for themselves. 

The afternoon finished with a talk with staff in different departments about their jobs. It was especially interesting to learn about how the different departments support each other and work together. We spoke with folks in the sales department and they talked about their role in selling the product and keeping customers informed on their orders. We talked to folks in customer service who shared how they use their listening skills to support the customer’s needs and challenges with their product. We talked to employees that were hired right out of high school and those who help 4-year degrees. It was an informative visit to Monterey Mushroom and both students and teachers enjoyed their visit.

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