Citrus, Chicken & Organic Farming

FARMS Leadership | Central Valley Central | Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Location of Field Day:
Peterson Family Farm
38694 Road 16, Kingsburg CA 93631

Field Day Host(s) and Mentors:
Vernon Peterson, Owner

Theme: Citrus, Chickens & Organic Farming

Our day started off with a tour of the Petersons Citrus Packing House, where students rotated between Quality Control, Administration, Security and Loading. The students rotated between the 4 jobs for about 30 minutes each. In quality control, students learned how to test the citrus to the specifications for sale in each category. In the admin office, students learned how billing, receiving and distribution works. At some points, the packing shed runs 24 hours a day. In the security office, students learned how to keep the machines running and that the employees were carefully completing the tasks at hand. Finally, students help load and keep track and pack the pallets that went onto the trucks and out to the stores.

Next, Mr. Peterson took us to his family’s chicken ranch. He showed the students how quickly the chickens grew and how his employees cared for the chickens and the houses they lived in. He showed us how technology-based their houses were as they continuously kept a temperature of about 70-90 degrees depending on how old the chickens were.

Finally, we ended the day with lunch and an ice cream treat in Kingsburg.

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