Farm Bureau

FARMS Leadership | Tehama & North State | Feb. 3, 2021

Field Day Host(s) and Mentors
Kari Dodd, Tehama County Farm Bureau Manager

Hands-On Kit Components Farm Bureau SWAG, Almonds

Leadership Personality Assessment

Summary of the Day  Have you ever wondered what Farm Bureau actually does? If so, join us on this field day where Kari Dodd, Tehama County Farm Bureau Manager, talks to the students about the important role Farm Bureau plays for farmers across our nation. She also had each student take the BOLD Personality Assessment prior to the actual field day and we plotted and discussed each students results as well as our results as a group. It was no surprise that most of the students had strong leadership personalities! Kari also takes the time to express the importance of continuing to stay involved even during the crazy times we are in. It was a fun day that was well received by all! Thank you Kari Dodd and Tehama County Farm Bureau!

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