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Students play meet a tree

SLEWS Program | Sacramento Valley | March 8th, 2022

Location of the Field Day:
Good Humus Farms

Yolo County Resource Conservation District
Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation
Point Blue Conservation Science
Natural Resource Conservation Science
Annie and Jeff Main, Owners of Good Humus Farms

Beth DelReal, Caring for our Watersheds Coordinator, Center for Land-Based Learning
Erna Piper, Retired Science Teacher
Corey Shake, Partner Biologist, Point Blue Conservation Science, NRCS
Josh McCabe, Restoration Coordinator, ACRT Pacific
Joaquin Pastrana, GrizzlyCorps Fellow, Yolo RCD

Accomplishments: Planted 100 native plants along with tubex and bamboo stakes for each!

Summary of the Day:
Ever wonder what it’s like to play steal a native plant? If you want to get to know your native species and add a little competition in it, steal the native plant is the perfect game for you! For the second field day at Good Humus Farm students focused on getting to know that plants around them and those that they would actually have a hand in planting. Steal the native plant is very similar to steal the bacon, students get the opportunity to get familiar with all the plants first before they compete to the center to touch the plant and get back to the starting line. If you want to do a fun “play-based” activity then this is certainly one of the best!

Throughout the day students also had the opportunity to work with their mentor groups to plant natives species, install tubex, and bamboo stakes. Practicing proper planting techniques students were able to plant 100 native plants in total!

To get their senses flowing before the reflection activity students had the opportunity to “Meet a Tree.” If you are interested in what that activity entails check out one of our previous blog posts! This play-based activity geared students up for a 15 minute solo sit during which they were given the opportunity to draw what they saw, write down phrases of what they notices, or make a story. Some of the SLEWS students said:

“I wonder what this farm looked like when it was first purchased?” -Alejandra, Davis HS

“Many living things rely on the ground cover.” – Elijah, Davis HS

Thanks to everyone for their contributions! A special thanks to Yolo RCD who has been instrumental in this field season. Additional thanks to NRCS and Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation whose support makes this project possible.

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