A Competition Filled Field Day

Students observe birds around the area

SLEWS Program | Sacramento Valley | March 15th, 2022

Location of the Field Day:
Dry Creek Confluence

Yolo County Resource Conservation District
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Point Blue Conservation Science
Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation
Valerie – Landowner

Morgan Caudill, Sacramento Valley & San Joaquin FARMS Program and Youth Internship Manager, Center for Land-Based Learning
Aaron Haiman, Senior Environmental Scientist, Wildlife Conservation Board
Brooke Wainwright, UC Davis PhD Candidate
Leigh Siracusano, Grizzly Corps Fellow

Accomplishments: Weeded previous planted hedgerow to reduce competition

Summary of the Day:
Today our students from Winters High School learned the art of flexibility as we shifted to a new location for the final field day. Instead of returning to Free Spirit Farms, we decided to check out the Dry Creek Confluence site that Winters HS students helped plant in the 2019 season. With the hedgerow in its 3rd year it gave students a great perspective as to how their hedgerow will look in the future. To further the theme of competition we asked students to create a perspective poem acting as if they were one of our wonderful plants or animals. One student said:

“I am gliding over the tree tops.
I open my beak for a swarm of nats, flying in front of me.
I slash I dash, and I pass the air that goes by me in a flash!
I stop, I perch, I land, and go into my home that uses the land.
The land for nutrients with their roots that dive into the ground like a hand.”

-Eden, Winters HS Student

Keeping on the theme of perspectives we also discussed the competition that occurs in all ecosystems. Taking time to bird watch and explore the areas of Dry and Putah Creek students learned a lot about how we can work to further support the ecosystems around us.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions! A special thanks to Yolo RCD who has been instrumental in this field season. Additional thanks to NRCS and Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation whose support makes this project possible.

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