Regional Highlight with Sierra Pacific Industries

FARMS Leadership | Tehama & North State | March 3, 2021

Field Day Host(s) and Mentors
Katie Luther, Communications and Workforce Development Khris Rulon, Forester Kevin Roberts, Wildlife Program Manager Len Linstrand, Botany Program Manager

Forestry and Natural Resources

Summary of the Day  California has been experiencing some of the most horrific wildfire seasons in it’s history over the past few years, so it was very fitting to highlight Sierra Pacific Industries who is a leader in the forestry industry. They set standards from forest management, to managing the wildlife and botany that inhabit our forests, all the way to harvesting and recovering as much viable timber after a catastrophic forest fire. Join us in hearing from three experts in their fields when they talk about not only what they do, but the job opportunities for those interested and answer questions that relate to logging, wildlife, plants, and fire!

Farm Bureau

FARMS Leadership | Tehama & North State | Feb. 3, 2021

Field Day Host(s) and Mentors
Kari Dodd, Tehama County Farm Bureau Manager

Hands-On Kit Components Farm Bureau SWAG, Almonds

Leadership Personality Assessment

Summary of the Day  Have you ever wondered what Farm Bureau actually does? If so, join us on this field day where Kari Dodd, Tehama County Farm Bureau Manager, talks to the students about the important role Farm Bureau plays for farmers across our nation. She also had each student take the BOLD Personality Assessment prior to the actual field day and we plotted and discussed each students results as well as our results as a group. It was no surprise that most of the students had strong leadership personalities! Kari also takes the time to express the importance of continuing to stay involved even during the crazy times we are in. It was a fun day that was well received by all! Thank you Kari Dodd and Tehama County Farm Bureau!

Olive Oil: A Tasting Journey

FARMS Leadership | Tehama & North State | Jan. 26, 2021

Field Day Host(s) and Mentors
Logan Jennings, Director of Operations Mary Mori, Director of Technical Services Celina Layton, Assistant Human Resource Manager

Hands-On Kit Components California Olive Ranch Mild Olive Oil, California Olive Ranch Medium Olive Oil, Rancid Olive Oil, Jelly Bean, A Tasting Guide for Olive Oil

Sustainable Farming

Summary of the Day  Who knew that the largest olive oil producer was nestled in Glenn County? California Olive Ranch is one of our key partners who produces the vast majority of olive oil in CA. Each year they host our FARMS Leadership students and showcase the many career opportunities they offer. This field day, while being virtual, was no different! Students were able to go on a LIVE tour of their facility hosted by Logan Jennings the Director of Operations, as well as learn the many different jobs that people hold at California Olive Ranch. Mary Mori, Director of Technical Services, then took over and walked to students through an official Olive Oil Tasting using the generous kit they provided to each student. It was so fun to see the expressions on students faces while tasting the various oils. If you would like to learn more and watch the field day unfold click HERE!

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