Cotton: From Field to Grading

FARMS Leadership – Central Valley – October 20, 2020 Location of Field Day: Cardoza Brothers Company – Tulare, CA Mid-Valley Cotton – Tulare, CA USDA Grading – Visalia, CA On October 20th the Central Valley FARMS students got an inside look at how cotton is harvested, processed, and graded. The virtual tour started out in Tulare, CA, with Cardoza Brothers Company. They harvest fields of cotton in Tulare county and then send their product to Mid-Valley Cotton, also in Tulare. The cotton gin at Mid-Valley takes in the cotton from the field and removes the seed and other debris from the cotton boll, leaving you with a clean product to be sold. Of course, there is some grading to be done over at the USDA facility in Visalia, CA. This is where the virtual tour ended and students were able to see the process cotton goes through in order to be graded. Students were sent Kits that included cotton seed, bolls, lint, and an information booklet. Thank you to our hosts at Cardoza Brothers, Mid-Valley Cotton, and USDA Cotton.

Red, Green, or Yellow, which flavor is for you?

Check out the kiwi kits that went home with the students to try. The kit include the three varieties of kiwi; golden red, golden yellow and traditional green.

Location of Field Day:
Phillips Farms – Visalia, CA

Field Day Hosts:
Doug Phillips – CEO
Dave Phillips – Field Manager

October 20, 2020 was a very exciting day as the FARMS Leadership students from the Central Valley Region attended their first virtual field day of the year! They had the opportunity to see Phillips Farms in Visalia where they witnessed kiwi fruit harvesting and packing. Not many knew that kiwis actually grow on vines and come in some beautiful varieties; golden red, traditional green, and golden yellow. After watching the harvesting crew go through the vines the group then saw the packing house process and Phillips Farms was kind enough to send home the three varieties of kiwis they pack with each student to taste. It was a great experience to start off the virtual field day tours.

Advocating for Future Generations

FARMS Leadership | Central Valley South | Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Location of Field Day:
Sequoia Riverland Trust
Dry Creek Preserve
35220 Dry Creek Dr, 35220 Dry Creek Dr, Woodlake, CA 93286

Field Day Host(s) and Mentors: 
Bud Darwin, Education and Volunteer Director
Sam Weiser, Education Coordinator

Upon arrival, students met and interviewed Bud Darwin & Sam Weiser with Sequoia Riverland Trust. The students introduced Bud and Sam to the group and our day started. Students visited the Native Plant Nursery that is on-site.  They were able to see the different plants and shrubs that were grown there and why it is good to plant them at home to encourage pollination at their homes. Dry Creek Preserve is a 152-acre former gravel quarry located just northwest of Lemon Cove, CA in the town of Woodlake, CA.  The students were able to use iPads and their cell phones with the iNaturalist App. Students could upload pictures of anything they could find and the app community would then help identify what was found. Students did this on the 2-mile hike we took around the preserve. Students also learned how the combination of biological and environmental conditions were important to the local farmers who grazed cattle on this very land.  Students really enjoyed being able to bring the classroom, technology and electronics outdoors. Following the hike, we had lunch and de-briefed on the day. Bud & Sam shared volunteer opportunities with our students and the importance of finding something you enjoy doing when you grow up so you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Thank you for a terrific field day Sequoia Riverlands Trust!