Indigenous Lessons with Modern Applications

FARMS Leadership | San Joaquin x Sacramento Valley | Friday January 22, 2021

Location(s) of Field Day:
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
Plant Material Center (PMC) – Lockeford, CA

Field Day Host(s) and Mentors:
Margaret Smither-Kopperl — Site Manager
Matthew Bronson — Farm Manager
Valerie Bullard — Agronomist
Sean Vu — Environmental Technician

Conservation through Modern Technologies and Indigenous Practices

Summary of the Day:
This crossover event features the FARMS Leadership classes of both the Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin region. Our hosts, NRCS Site Manager Margaret Smither-Kopperl and Valerie Bullard (Agronomist), join the hour-long, virtual tour of the Plant Material Center’s facilities and operations. In the Q&A portion, we review the history and purposes of the National Resource Conservation Service, the everyday roles of its discoveries in the Agriculture Industry. The Hands-on Learning Kit for this field day include: a map California’s NRCS PMC Service Areas, maps of the Lockeford PMC Service Area, Official NRCS Plant Guides, Official NRCS Conservation Guides, and samples of showy milkweed, NRCS cover crop seed mix, and strawberry tree fruit. 

For more information or to view January’s Field Day. ‘click’ the YouTube link below:

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