Nursery & Greenhouse Management

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the South Central Valley group of the FARMS Leadership Program ended their year at TSL & Seed in Huron, CA. The schools represented at this field day were Lindsay High School, El Diamante High School and Mt. Whitney High School.
Upon arrival, students met with their coordinator Katie Wortman for a daily agenda, breakfast and to sign the thank yous for the day’s speakers. 3 students were today’s leadership team. Their job was to meet and introduce our speakers as well as help with organizing lunch clean up and thanking our speakers at the end of the day.

The FARMS theme for the day was learning about Greenhouse and Nursery Management. Students engage in experiential learning that demonstrates the balance between ag production, they learned about the size and scope including the economic impact of the agricultural industry in the county, state, and nation. Students also gained an understanding of the natural resources used in agriculture production and the ecological impact on the environment. We were excited to learn that the high humidity and misting water system was low usage at the 9 greenhouses on the property. Students were able to see the entire process of sowing seeds and see the different stages of those seeds and finally seeing them planted in the fields.

Feeding Animals in Agriculture

Program: FARMS Leadership Program

Region: Central Valley South

Field Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Location of Field Day: Western Milling Goshen CA

Field Day Host(s) and Mentors: Mark Krebsbach  | Chad Pinter | Eric Brandenburg | Buster Freeman  |

Theme: Grains and Milling

On Tuesday, February 19th the Central Valley South FARMS Leadership Program consisting of El Diamante High School, Lindsay High School and Mt. Whitney High School met at Western Milling in Goshen CA.  Students were treated to breakfast burritos upon our arrival. The leadership team was determined and they were in charge of introducing our hosts for the day. We were welcomed by Mr. Chad Pinter, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Western Milling along with his welcome Mr. Pinter presented the company overview.  Next, the students were split into two groups and rotated through a Mill Tour with Buster Freeman and a Retail Tour with Todd Willeke. After our Mill and Retail Tours, we met back in the conference room with Mark Krebsbach, Ag Leadership Foundation Class 48. During lunch, the students sat with individuals from different departments at Western Milling.  We were joined by Reina Carbajal, Human Resources; Rene Urquia, Environmental Health and Safety Director; Rebecca Norred, Office Manager; Stan Dillon, Maintenance; Joel Karlin, Economist. They talked about and asked questions of how they got into agriculture, their college choices and what they did during their workday at Western Milling. Then a student from each group introduced their guest to the whole group and they told the entire group what they did at Western Milling and how it’s different from where they thought they would be.  Finally, Mark Krebsbach led a “Who am I” workshop asking the students to tell the group about who they are. Students did share what they wanted about themselves with the group. It was a great time for the students to be vulnerable. They really opened up to the group about themselves and did a great job. We appreciate what Mark and his colleagues at Western Milling do for our group. As always it is a great day we spend at Western Milling.

You Can’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover

FARMS Leadership| Central Valley | January 22, 2019

Participating Schools

El Diamante High School, Visalia CA

Mt. Whitney High School, Visalia CA

West Hills College Lemoore

Kris Costa, Dean of Career Technical Education
Tina Simas, Secretary, Student Services

Summary of the Day
We’ve been running the FARMS Leadership Program for 25 years, and yet every field day is something new. With almost 100 field days each year, that’s a lot of creativity on behalf of our partners and staff! Today’s field day at West Hills College Lemoore is an example of that. Students learned the history of the campus, the various and diverse services and programs they offer, were treated to an educational “etiquette” lunch, and then got to work in the automation lab!

“We were thrilled to have you here!”  – Kris Costa, Dean of Career Technical Education

“It was comforting knowing students have so much support here and their agenda wasn’t just come to West Hills Lemoore, but they encouraged our students to go anywhere, but if it happened to be here that would be awesome!” -Katie Wortman, FARMS Leadership Program Coordinator

An etiquette lunch provided by West Hills College, Lemoore.

Students learn about other career education opportunities at West Hills College, Lemoore

A fantastic day with El Diamante High School and Mt. Whitney High School at West Hills College, Lemoore

Ricardo Marmolejo, Director of Special Grants Program – Title V, West Hills College Lemoore leads a tour around the campus.

Hunter and Mia work diligently on their electricity project.

Eryk introduces Mrs. Kris Costa to the group. Mrs. Costa welcomes the group to West Hills College, Lemoore

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