Regional Highlight with Sierra Pacific Industries

FARMS Leadership | Tehama & North State | March 3, 2021

Field Day Host(s) and Mentors
Katie Luther, Communications and Workforce Development Khris Rulon, Forester Kevin Roberts, Wildlife Program Manager Len Linstrand, Botany Program Manager

Forestry and Natural Resources

Summary of the Day  California has been experiencing some of the most horrific wildfire seasons in it’s history over the past few years, so it was very fitting to highlight Sierra Pacific Industries who is a leader in the forestry industry. They set standards from forest management, to managing the wildlife and botany that inhabit our forests, all the way to harvesting and recovering as much viable timber after a catastrophic forest fire. Join us in hearing from three experts in their fields when they talk about not only what they do, but the job opportunities for those interested and answer questions that relate to logging, wildlife, plants, and fire!

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