Board Member Profile

Land-Based Learning Board Member Fatima Malik

Fatima Malik

UC Davis Health System

Fatima T. Malik has worked in the public health and health education sector for over ten years. She is a community engagement and research specialist at the Clinical and Translational Science Center/Center for Reducing Health Disparities, UC Davis Health System.

She has served as a CLBL board member since 2005. As a health educator she developed a unique comprehensive nutrition education program title Ethnic American Treasures (EAT) from the Garden at Grant Union High School; where she taught diverse youth how to prepare healthy meals using fresh garden produce from the school and community garden in order to improve their eating habits.

She is a positive role model, motivational and emerging leader in garden enhanced nutrition education and public health with an interest in helping limited-income populations foster a positive relationship with growing and eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

She loves to share her knowledge of health and wellness with diverse populations. She has a vibrant personality and a genuine interest in helping others reach their full potential through meaningful and valuable experiences that foster a sense of community and relationships. Fatima is a strong advocate for improving the local food system, health status of low income populations, and reducing childhood obesity. She has a commitment to promoting urban agriculture, supporting community gardens, and addressing food insecurity within the region and in her community of Del Paso Heights in North Sacramento.

Fatima received her B.S. from UC Davis in International Agricultural Development (2008) and Master of Public Health from San Jose State University (2016). Fatima currently serves as the Parks and Recreation Commissioner for District 2, City of Sacramento and volunteers with GreenTech in Oak Park.