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Land-Based Learning Board Member Jessica Lundberg

Jessica Lundberg

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Jessica Lundberg is a board member and third generation member of Lundberg Family Farms. She has been an active employee, a board member, a representative on industry boards, and a media spokesperson for the company. Lundberg Family farms is managed as a true family business, collaborating among parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and siblings to reach consensus on key business decisions. A pre-med student in college, Jessica’s interest in business, ecology and agriculture inevitably drew her back t the farm, where in addition to organic and eco-farmed rice, she cultivates the bedrock values of respecting the land, honoring tradition, and producing the highest quality products.

Jessica served as a Vice President of Lundberg Family Farms from 2011 through 2019, overseeing the human resources, sustainability, business planning, quality systems, safety, administrative support, and the seed and field research nursery initiatives for the company. As Vice-President she oversaw the expansion of field research to organic heirloom beans and quinoa; the certification of the company greenhouse as a CDFA quarantine facility able to bring in international rice germplasm for introduction; collaborative trial measuring greenhouse gas production in the organic rice production system; development of company-wide Total Rewards systems; creation and adoption of the 5-year strategic plan including the addition of People systems; and development of the resource recovery center.

Jessica served as the Seed Nursery manager from 2003 through 2012 during which time the department looked at organic weed control, organic insect control, and organic fertilizers, as well as variety purity and selection of rices suitable for growing organically in California; citations in research publications include organic weed and fertilizer research. As manager she oversaw the maintenance, improvement, purity and development of proprietary rice varieties such as Wehani, Black Japonica, and California Arborio.

Jessica holds a degree in Biological Sciences from California State University at Chico and a Certificate in Plant Breeding from University of California at Davis. She is a graduate of the California Ag Leadership Program (Class 33) and the USA Rice Leadership Program (Class 18). She currently sits as a board member of The Organic Center, the California Rice Commission, the California Rice Research Board, and the CSU Chico College of Ag Advisory Council. She has served as a board member of Lundberg Family Farms since 2000, serving as Board Chairman from 2006 through 2012. She is managing partner of an organic rice farm in Butte County that she farms with her sister and brother.

The Lundbergs have practiced sustainable farming techniques since 1937 and today the company leads the eco-positive agricultural movement with a commitment to organic production and renewable energy. Under Jessica’s leadership, the company installed solar collectors to provide 25% of its electrical needs, and purchases the remaining 75% as certified green energy. She led the planning and building of the 27,000 square foot administrative office facility and the nursery greenhouse facility.

Jessica resides in Davis, California with her 7-year old son, Ivan. They enjoy bike riding, gardening, watersports, playing with their dogs and chickens, and travel adventures.