The Cannery in Davis

Cannery Urban Farm

The Center for Land-Based Learning relinquished its lease on the Cannery Urban Farm in August of 2020. Initially, the Center's goal was to establish an incubator farm on the property to support new farmers in the region. Over the course of our management we came to realize that the agri-hood model is not best suited for this purpose. In spite of our perseverance, and best efforts, we were not able to adapt the incubator model to fit the agri-hood concept. This was the main factor in our decision to not renew the lease with the City of Davis.

Center for Land-Based Learning continued to maintain the property until December 2020 in order to complete soil improvements under the CDFA Healthy Soils Grant.

Cannery Farm

Questions about the future of the Cannery Urban Farm should be directed to the City of Davis.

Cannery Urban Farm Frequently Asked Questions.

For information on our efforts to renew the soil at the Cannery Urban Farm, go here.

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