California Farm Academy Alumni Profiles

David Kaisel

2014 Farm Academy Graduate

David Kaisel is focused on bringing heirloom grains back to the valley. Wheat varieties like Sonora White, brought to California by Spaniards before the Gold Rush, is rarely grown. Yet, it's ideally suited to the state because of its drought tolerance and disease resistance. Its glutinous flour is prized by bakers and is great for making large tortillas. Which makes perfect sense, since historically the wheat was grown in the Sonoran desert where burritos and chimichangas are popular dishes.

"I want to bring back the grain culture to California," says Kaisel.

He also points out that the state used to be the largest exporter of wheat in the country until about the Second World War.

David lives in the Capay Valley.

[Excerpted from Small farmers discover the hands-on secret to success at farm academy by Kristi Garrett,
Little Green Wheelbarrow Blog]

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