Apprenticeship Program Participating Farms

Blue House

Ryan Casey
Pescadero, CA
60 acres (110 acres total)

Blue House grows a diversity of certified organic vegetables, fruits and cut flowers year-round. The farm was founded in 2005 and specializes in strawberries, tomatoes, leafy greens and peppers. The produce and flowers are sold through our CSA, Bay Area farmers’ markets, an on-site farmstand, and wholesale accounts. In 2016, the farm was awarded a long term lease from the Peninsula Open Space Trust for 74 acres of Open Space Trust-owned farmland in San Gregorio, and the farm is currently expanding into that land. Blue House is best suited for a 2nd year Apprentice with an interest in cut flower production. The position through the program is specific to the cut flower operation part of the farm.

Do you have a land ethic? If so, how do you express it? How do ecological and environmental considerations fit into your operational structure and decision making?
We put soil health as a high priority for the farm. We practice crop rotation, crop diversity, and incorporate pastured animals all as part of caring for the soil and the land. We also happen to be surrounded by creeks and forest, so we farm with consciousness and sensitivity to the riparian habitats around us.

What are the most important considerations in your everyday work on your farm?
One of the most important goals at Blue House is to produce high quality, healthy food for our customers. We also strive to create a good work environment for our employees, and ensure that we operate in an efficient and productive manner. We also work to make the farm a place of beauty and function as a sound ecological model.

Apprentice skills/abilities:
Above all else, apprentices on our farm need to have a strong work ethic and strive to match the pace and attitude of our crew. Ideally our apprentices will speak Spanish, or have a strong interest in learning. We look for people who are passionate about agriculture, are committed, and have the ability to work with a team. Apprentices with an interest in being involved with a highly diverse farm and crew will do well, and the ability to multi-task and juggle many things at once will also help. Being flexible to change, ability to work under various tasks and working conditions is a plus.

Housing + meals:
Housing is difficult to find in this region. There is limited housing on the farm, which may or may not be available based on current occupancies. There will be an application process for any potential housing on the farm. Meals are not provided. Employees are welcome to any produce from the farm at any time.

General work schedule and time off:
Flower apprentices work anywhere from 40-60 hrs a week, which includes four field days, and one required market day. Everyone has at least one weekend day off. There is limited work in the winter.

Health insurance:
Not provided, except workers compensation.

To be determined.

Apprentices will need their own transportation.

Visitors are allowed as long as it doesn’t distract from work

Motivation for participating in the apprenticeship program:
Ryan and the Blue House team enjoy working with and training future farmers. They also enjoy having folks on the farm who bring new ideas and fresh energy/attitude towards the work.

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