Apprenticeship Program Participating Farms

Heringer Estates

Steven & Mike Heringer
Clarksburg, CA
375 acres

Heringer Estates Family Vineyards & Winery is a vertically integrated agri-business growing the best wine grapes and producing the finest wines the Clarksburg AVA (American Viticultural Appellation) has to offer. The family business is dedicated to preserving the land for future generations through sustainable farming practices. The company is led by the Heringer family's sixth generation of farmers, with a rich agricultural history in Clarksburg dating back to 1868.

The guiding principles of the business are:
• Embrace our customers like FAMILY and consistently exceed expectations
• Foster AUTHENTIC relationships with honest communication
• SUSTAINABILITY -- Lead and embrace positive change, do more with less, and have fun doing it
• Generate EXCELLENCE by being humble, passionate, creative and open-minded
• Honor our LEGACY by creating opportunities and pursuing wisdom
• Lead with INTEGRITY–Treat others as you want to be treated

Do you have a land ethic? If so, how do you express it? How do ecological and environmental considerations fit into your operational structure and decision making?
We are certified sustainable through Lodi Rules which uses Protected Harvest to quantify our practices. Heringer Estates considers the Three E's of Sustainability in both farming and business decisions. Is it socially equitable; environmentally sound; economically feasible? This guides our decisions in everything from safety training to new product development.

What are the most important considerations in your everyday work on your farm?
Heringer Estates strives to have a workplace that encourages excellence and holds a high standard of integrity. Guided by these goals we hope to create a safe environment for professionals to grow personally and contribute to the team with critical thinking and problem solving.

Apprentice skills/abilities:
Spanish proficiency is preferred by not required. Experience with driving a tractor or forklift is a plus but not required.

General work schedule and time off:
Six days a week, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Health insurance:
Cost sharing is available.

Housing + meals:
None at this time.

Dog/Pet allowed:

Apprentices will be expected to drive a standard transmission but training is available.


Motivation for participating in the apprenticeship program:
One of our guiding principles is that we strive to create opportunities and pursue wisdom. The apprenticeship program fits perfectly with this goal.

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