FARMS Leadership

FARMS Leadership students at a farm field day

The FARMS (Farming, Agriculture, and Resource Management for Sustainability) Leadership program introduces, trains, and recruits high school students for college and career opportunities in agriculture and environmental sciences.

Through my time in FARMS, I was able to deepen my knowledge of the agriculture industry as a whole. Coming from a family that used to work in the fields, I never thought I would want to work in the agriculture industry. FARMS allowed me to take this blindfold off and lead me to my passion.
Juan Perez, 2016-2017 Monterey/Santa Cruz FARMS Leadership participant

For the past four years, the FARMS Leadership Program has been expanding opportunities for high school students who have a passion for agriculture. A second year program, FARMS Advanced, was added three years ago and for the first time in 2017, paid internships were offered to graduates of the Advanced program. Four students were interviewed and selected for placement with three of our Strategic Partners.

We currently run programs at thirteen sites:

Farms On Location


Driscolls Sunworks Farm Credit Borba Farms
Abundant Harvest Organics Ingleby Farms & Forests Rabobank Los Gatos Tomato Products
California Walnut Board Grimmway Farms California Cotton Alliance Clif Bar Family Foundation
Gar Tootelian, Inc. Gar & Esther Tootelian Charitable Foundation Sysco FarmingD