Growing Green Internship

Growing Green Interns at West Sacramento Farmer's Market

cit•i•zen sci•ence
Citizen science: the collection and analysis of data relating to the natural world by members of the general public, typically as part of a collaborative project with professional scientists.

The Growing Green Internship is built around the four pillars of career exploration, paid work experience, community service, and college mentoring, all with a focus on agriculture, sustainable energy, and environmental science fields. For three years now, the Growing Green Internship students have helped collect Citizen Science data for the Monitoring Milkweed and Monarch Interactions for Learning and Conservation project (MMMILC).

Over the summer, Growing Green Interns received training from UC Davis faculty and staff on how to monitor the 320 milkweed plants that are part of the project. The weekly data collection included measurements on stem length and diameter, number of stems, presence of monarch eggs and monarch caterpillar identification by instar. Data was recorded into shared spreadsheet according to scientific protocol and students then blogged about their field experiences collecting the data.

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City of West Sacramento
Yolo County Office of Education
Sacramento Region Community Foundation
Miranda Lux Foundation
University of California Davis
Bank of America