Growing Green Internship


"I enjoyed the job because we didn't do the same thing every day. We learned a lot of different things. The experience will help me get into the graduate program in environmental education I'm interested in because of the background it's given me in environmental science."
— Hilaree Anchando, 2010 Growing Green Intern, graduate of Southern Oregon University

"As a Growing Green intern, I took a fun Sustainable Energy class during the summer of 2014 and worked at multiple sites that involve agriculture. I not only gained plenty of knowledge about agriculture but I also got to meet new people, build a solar oven and solar charger, work on communication skills and work on hands-on projects. Working as a student intern for the Center for Land-Based Learning has been a valuable experience for me because I now know about agriculture- a valuable skill for today's society. There were also times when I had to get out of my comfort zone to get a job done. For example, when I had to capture insects during our summer class last year. This is valuable because there will be times when humans will have to get out of their comfort zone and try something new to get where they want and have to go. This fall I will attend Lincoln University of Pennsylvania."
— Alaze Clausell, 2014 Intern, Sacramento Charter High School Class of 2015

"Through the Growing Green Internship, I was able to learn about nature and the effect that humans have on this planet. Being a person with no knowledge outside my city life I knew very little about renewable energy sources or food deserts, and was able to learn the most basic thing most people have lost, the relationship between the food, farmer and consumer. I had the opportunity to learn about gardens, locavores, small farmers, Co-Ops, and even had the opportunity to visit a farm that delivers fresh organic produce to people. Coming from a low income area it's hard to learn about those things, even less likely go on field trips to those places or take away the mentality that healthy nourishing food is also available to someone who is economically disadvantaged. Being in the program, I was aware of the effect that food deserts have on people's health and ways to make people realize that there are ways to end them. I am now someone who wishes to have a relationship with my food."
— Andrea Abigail Gallardo Chun, 2014 Intern, Sacramento Charter High School class of 2015, Entering Sac State Fall 2015

"I will always remember my experience because all of the great things we did were fun and we had new opportunities to learn something new--and we learned about ourselves, too. And I can say that this program makes us grow as a person because all of the decisions we have to make."
— Paola Lomeli, 2013 Intern, Grant High School Class of 2014

"This was the best summer job for my daughter. The way the program is set-up and run is stupendous."
— Mother of 2010 Growing Green Intern

"GreenCorps is changing my kids' personality — it's like I have a different child- I see him doing so many more productive things and notice a lot of growth as a person."
— Mother of a Growing Green Intern

Growing Green interns in the back of a pick up truck looking through binoculars