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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mobile Farmers Market?
The Mobile Farmers Market is a refrigerated truck stocked with fresh, locally grown, seasonal produce for sale. The Mobile Farmers Market accepts EBT and SNAP. All SNAP customers receive 50% off through Market Match. There are dry goods from Yolo Food Bank available for free, and recipe cards in English and Spanish, for guidance on how to put it all together.

Who runs this program?
The Mobile Farmers Market is a program of the Center for Land-Based Learning’s California Farm Academy, operated by the West Sacramento Urban Farm Program.

What is the mission of the Center for Land-Based Learning?
The mission of the Center for Land-Based Learning is to inspire, educate, and cultivate future generations of farmers, agricultural leaders and natural resource stewards.

Why is this program needed?
Poor health outcomes in West Sacramento have been linked directly to poor local access to healthy food options. The northern neighborhoods of Broderick and Bryte are largely underserved communities. Improved access to fresh, local, seasonal produce has been shown to lead to improved health outcomes and quality of life.

How long will the Mobile Market run for the 2022 season?
The 2022 Mobile Farmers Market season runs from June 7th through October 27th.

How many West Sacramento residents will be served by this market?
With all stops serving the Broderick/Bryte community, an estimated 14,000 West Sacramento residents will have access to the Mobile Farmers Market.

How was this program originally funded?
We received an $87,000 refrigeration grant from the California Department of Food and Agriculture to start. Since then, we have partnered with Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, and Western Health Advantage for funding key to launching the pilot.

What produce is available for purchase on the truck?
Fresh, local, in-season produce, including tomatoes, summer squash, onions, lettuce, chard, beets, okra, melons, hot pepper, carrots, potatoes, and much more!

Who are your key program partners?

The Farmers Truck | Yolo Food Bank | Cal Fresh (SNAP/Bonus Bucks/EBT) | Yolo County Health and Human Services | West Sacramento Health Education Council | West Sacramento Housing Development Corporation

What does the program look like in its second year (2022)?
Following last year’s mobile market pilot launch, a 4th stop has been added to the schedule with three locations open to the public.

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