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Juliana Mazzera, San Joaquin Valley, 2006-2007
Current Status: Science Teacher, Whitmore Charter School, Ceres, CA
Hometown: Modesto, CA
Education: University of California, Davis, Masters of Arts in Education

SLEWS Program Experience: SLEWS helped me develop an undeniable passion for the environment, sustainable farming, conservation, and endangered animals in our local areas. I can honestly say that without my involvement in SLEWS, I would not know what I wanted to do in my life right now and would not have opened my mind and heart to so many things that have to do with our environment.

It's a life changing experience that everyone should take part in; I'm grateful I did.

Ryan Loney, Sacramento Valley 2005-2006
Current Status: Fundraising and Politics, Washington D.C. and California
Hometown: Vacaville, CA
Education: University of California, Davis, B.S. Environmental Science and Policy

SLEWS Program Experience: The SLEWS program helped me not only decide what I would like to study in college, but what I would like to do in life. SLEWS allowed me to pursue my passion for the environment and science outside of the classroom in a meaningful and productive way. SLEWS also inspired me to coordinate SEED (Students for Environmental Science at Davis), an internship program at UC Davis. We worked with hundreds of elementary school students every year and introduce important environmental education topics into their curriculum.

Working with SLEWS allowed me to be a part of the change that I want to see in the world.

Debbie Pattison, Sacramento Valley, 2005-2006
Current Status: Conservation and Land Management Intern, Chicago Botanic Garden
Hometown: Davis, CA
Education: University of California, Berkeley, B.S. Conservation and Resource Studies, minor in Portuguese

SLEWS Program Experience: The natural resources path has allowed me to conduct medical ethnobotanical research in Brazil,
analyze and measure forest health, increase seed production for semi-rare California annual species, manage volunteer native plant nursery events and teach youth about Puget Sound ecology in Washington State.

The five senses used in planting was a refreshing difference to the classroom atmosphere.

SLEWS students installing a bird box

SLEWS Program Since 2001:

6,000 Students

200 Habitat Restoration Projects

800 Restoration Field Days

65,000 Native Trees and Shrubs Planted