Staff Profile

Leticia Hernandez

Santa Cruz & Monterey Counties FARMS Leadership Program Coordinator

Leticia Hernandez is a Salinas native with a love for gardening. Throughout her youth she never showed interest in agriculture. It wasn't until she purchased a tomato seedling and failed miserably at raising it. The failed tomato plant fueled her interest and challenged her to keep trying. Through trial, error, and research Leti wondered why no one had taught her about gardening sooner. With a couple seasons under her belt she sought out people who would help her answer this question and talked to them about building a garden in a public park. Surprised by the interest in the community she decided to work toward building a garden for the people of Salinas. Two years later, in 2016, a learning garden was built at Natividad Creek Park in Salinas.

Her interest, network, and passion for education, urban Ag, and health for the youth has brought her to The Center For Land-Based Learning, where she hopes to empower the youth with knowledge of food systems and the playful beauty, and diversity that makes up agriculture in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties.