Your Impact

Where Your Money Goes

  • Financial Breakdown: Click photo to enlarge [PDF]

  • What your money funds: Your money funds transport, supplies and equipment for our program participants, such as:

    • Transportation
      • College visits for high school interns
      • Farm visits for urban and rural high school students
      • Transportation to restoration sites
    • Equipment
      • Farming equipment for the California Farm Academy
      • Hand tools and shovels
    • Supplies
      • Supplies for field days, planting and harvesting
      • Restoration project supplies: gloves, rain gear, and rubber boots
      • Nutritious lunches for high school field days
      And much, much more...

  • Who your money impacts:
    • Beginning Farmers - Our California Farm academy trains adults seeking a career in farming. The associated farm incubator provides these adults with access to land, peer to peer mentoring and marketing support.

    • High School Students - Who learn about career pathways in Agriculture and Natural Resources conservation through leadership development, hands-on field days and mentoring.

  • What your money does:
    • For Adults
      • 76 California Farm Academy graduates since 2012
      • 6 incubator farmers
      • 50,000 pounds of fresh produce donated to Yolo Food Bank since 2012
      • Capacity building training for 5 new organizations in the SLEWS program model
      • 56% of alumni report having a job in agriculture or environmental science

    • For Youth
      • 1,500 youth impacted by our programs annually
      • Over 100 field days to Ag-businesses, post-secondary institutions and restoration sites with High School Students each year

    Land-Based Learning operates programs in 20 California counties.

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