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Garden Bed / Compost Demo, 2015

Sacramento, California, U.S.

When planning their Caring for Our Watersheds proposal, Micaela Negrete, Avery Kelly, and Sebastian Simmons wanted to build upon and strengthen student engagement in some of the existing resources at the school. While there was vermicomposting bin at their high school, The MET Sacramento, they knew a lot of incoming and existing students did not really understand what compost was and why creating and using compost was beneficial. They decided to build a portable garden bed that could be used for educational demonstrations.

They planted one side in regular soil and the other in soil amended with compost and recorded measurements of plant growth over a period of time. The group then planned and delivered a lesson to freshman at school on the benefits of compost, utilizing their demo garden bed and preliminary results from their own experiment. The group hopes to give a similar lesson to a local preschool, in which they would incorporate an age appropriate coloring book and have students plant small vegetable starts. Caring for Our Watersheds project funds helped the group buy supplies to build the demonstration garden bed and materials for their lesson.

Garden Bed / Compost Demo

Garden Bed / Compost Demo

Garden Bed / Compost Demo Garden Bed / Compost Demo

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