Caring for our Watersheds

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Cleaning Garcia Bend, 2016

Sacramento, California, U.S.

Garcia Bend Park is a neighborhood park on the banks of the Sacramento River. Trash and debris left here by visitors or illegally dumped here is an issue as most of that trash ends up directly entering the adjacent waters, some which can directly or indirectly harm aquatic wildlife. Alexa Smith and Priscilla Dawson want to practice good stewardship of their watershed and encourage others to do the same. Alexa, who has been involved in clean-ups before know how eye-opening they can be and how seeing all the accumulated debris directly can make students think twice before littering themselves and inspire them to take action. Priscilla and Alexa organized a group from The MET Sacramento to return to this area. In one morning, they collected 11 bags of trash from the park! Students enjoyed being outdoors while doing something good for their community and the watershed.

Cleaning Garcia Bend

Cleaning Garcia Bend Cleaning Garcia Bend

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