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Tree Planting at Lubin Elementary, 2016

Sacramento, California, U.S.

Sandra Longfellow, a student at the MET Sacramento High School, has a special connection to nearby David Lubin elementary school. First, through a program at The MET, she was placed in long-term internship at the elementary school. Second, David Lubin is her alma mater. When she found out about Caring for Our Watersheds, she knew this was a great opportunity to contribute to and improve the school's campus she knows so well. After a recent removal of a hazard tree in the kindergarten yard, Sandra noticed a huge area left with bare soil directly adjacent to the storm drain. She met with the kindergarten teachers and PTG members to discuss plans for planting a new tree in the area, protecting it with a planter wall, and reseeding the remaining bare areas.

The plantings would stabilize the bare soil and reduce sediment delivery to nearby waterways. Of course, the tree planting would also provide shade to the kids playing in the yard at recess and outdoor learning activities. Sandra organized special teams of kindergarteners and their 6th grade "buddies" to help with site preparation and planting. After the planting, she organized "work parties" with school parents to build the planter wall and finish the remaining work. Agrium project funding helped to buy supplies, soil, plants, and seeds for the project, which will benefit both the environment and the school community for generations to come.

Tree Planting at Lubin Elementary

Tree Planting at Lubin Elementary Tree Planting at Lubin Elementary Tree Planting at Lubin Elementary

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