West Sacramento Urban Farms

The West Sacramento Urban Farms are a part of the California Farm Academy Business Incubator Program, providing land, tools, infrastructure and a mentorship to small scale farmers looking to get started in an urban environment. The aim is to address the needs of beginning farmers by giving them opportunities to launch a small farm business while also creating meaningful ways to interact and engage with our local community.

The West Sacramento Urban Farm Program converts vacant lots owned both publicly and privately in West Sacramento into Urban Farm Business Incubators. These Urban Farms work with over 600 volunteers per year, grow over 25,000 of pounds of produce per month during peak seasons, donate to Food Banks, sell to residents via on site farm stands, provide fresh produce to Washington Unified, Roblas Unified, Natomas Unified and Davis Unified School Districts, sell to local restaurants, participate in various local farmers markets and much more! Urban agriculture revitalizes communities one vacant lot at a time, it increases resilience by transforming food deserts into food havens and it creates economic growth by incubating small businesses.

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For more information on the West Sacramento Urban Farms, contact Program Manager Sara Bernal.

Farm Locations

5th & C Farm Cummins Way Farm Lake Washington Farm
Food for Families Farm Riverfront Farm

Farm Map

Map by Alix Ogilvie


City of West Sacramento