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Lake Washington Farm Site is located at 1990 Lake Washington Boulevard on a 3.3 acre parcel owned by Engstrom Properties. It currently hosts four small farm business incubators all of which focus on growing specialty produce selected for flavor and excellence. Our farmers welcome you to stop by and see full-fledged agriculture alive and well in your own backyard.

California Stars Farm is owned and operated by Farmer Ben Herston. Ben and his family, who live in Fairfield, have been farming for over 5 years. He has worked in the water and wastewater treatment and conveyance industry for the past 18 years. In 2018 CA Star farm grew over 10,000 pounds of Butternut and Spaghetti Squash which was sold directly to Nugget Market across the street from the farm at the Southport Shopping Plaza. Ben plans on growing lots of crops for sales to Nugget Market in 2019 making his farms produce the lowest carbon footprint from farm to market anywhere! Truly first of its kind!

Ben is a 2015 graduate of the Center for Land-Based Learning's California Farm Academy Beginning Farmer Training program.

Farmer Remee is originally from the Bay Area and moved to Sacramento her senior year of high school. She has been a proud Sacramento resident ever since. After Remee's mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's, she became more aware of the food she eats.

To the extent that she can, Remee has committed to practicing a no till/low till cultivation regimen. Hence her farm name: No Till Nation. The farm's mission is to grow heirloom and exotic produce varieties for the Sacramento area, under the no till/low till regimen to protect and encourage the native soil food web. Outside of farming, Remee's day job is as a Registered Nurse in the Operating Room. Her new slogan is Pay the Farmer or Pay the Doctor.

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Cindy Gause owns and operates Bella Vida Farm. Bella Vida Farm’s mission is to grow delicious organic food for local restaurants and the surrounding community. As a life-long resident of the Sacramento region Cindy is committed to being a good steward of the environment and our community. To accomplish this, the farm is a diversified and sustainable agricultural business that will promote improvement of soils, grow to preserve heirloom and unique vegetables, and care for our surrounding natural landscapes. Bella Vida Farm offers Farm Club Membership providing the public with access to the freshest produce available.

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Wildgust Farm is an organic, small-scale medicinal herb and specialty produce grower in California. We sell organic fresh and dried herbs, teas, medicinal powders, and specialty seasonal fruits and vegetables At Wildgust Farm we believe food is medicine and our first defense against illness. Wildgust Farm is dedicated to healing our bodies, minds, and communities through how food (and medicine) is grown, shared, and consumed. We believe in replenishing our soils, safeguarding our water supplies, and being reciprocal stewards of the land. Wildgust Farm aims to reconnect our patrons to the people’s medicine through transparency, education, and mindfully grown medicinal plants. Rashael joined the California Farm Academy in February of 2018 and graduated after her first growing season in September of 2018. Rashael’s favorite part of the Farm Academy was working in the field (covered in dirt) and driving tractors.

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